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Luxe Dressage Saddle
Luxe Dressage Saddle
Luxe Dressage Saddle
Luxe Dressage Saddle

Luxe Dressage Saddle

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The Aiver Luxe dressage saddle is known for giving a light, balanced ride that improves confidence.  A classic design with stylish touches such as decorative stitching on the flaps and the option for ivory piping/welting make this saddle stand out from the crowd. Available in 16", 16.5", 17", 17.5", 18", 18.5", 19" seat sizes.


The tree points are short and cut back, providing maximum freedom for the shoulder to allow the horse to show greater expression through its movement. The tree design has an open arch to give good clearance over the horse’s withers. The side bars are anatomically constructed to follow the contours of the back. The panels are flocked with high quality Jacobs Wool combined with a thin layer of gel foam, providing comfort and flexibility to conform to the horse’s back. The panel offers an upswept back, which works well for horses with shorter backs.


Ergonomically designed, our saddles promote correct rider position. The saddle construction supports the rider’s upper body, stabilising the seat bones and providing greater security in the saddle.  It also reduces concussion in the lower back giving the rider a more comfortable seat. The angle of the side bars allows for a medium twist with a closer leg position to the horse.


A clever built-in quick-change mechanism allows the saddle to be fully adjustable from Narrow to XX Wide in under two minutes. Excellent for horses that are likely to change over time due to training, growth or other factors, and riders who anticipate frequent changes to the horse they ride. While no saddle will fit every horse, this feature gives far more flexibility to move the saddle from horse to horse than a fixed-tree saddle can offer.  

Our saddles also come with a billet positioning system that allows a degree of adaptation of the girth position to fine-tune the positioning and security of the saddle.


Unless you specify otherwise, the Luxe comes standard with:

  • Black calf leather

  • Black piping/welting and black stitching

  • Dual flap

  • Standard length flap

  • Classic longer knee block


Available options at no extra charge:

  • Dark brown leather (instead of black)

  • Ivory welting (instead of black)

  • Ivory stitching (instead of black)

  • Monoflap (instead of dual flap)

  • Short or custom-length flap

  • If you would like additional design or color changes, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with an estimate.


    Our saddles are handmade in England by master craftsmen. Every component of this saddle is made in England including the saddle tree and gullet adjustment mechanism.

    • Made from luxurious English calf leather.

    • Wool-flocked with high-quality Jacobs wool.

    • The saddle tree is made from birch wood laminated veneers which can withstand over 1500kg of pressure while allowing some flexibility to move with the biomechanic movement of the horse.

    • Saddle trees are manufactured to surpass the latest British Standard BS 6635:2015.

    • 3-year warranty on the saddle tree and adjustment mechanism.


    Each saddle is made to order. Estimated delivery is 8-12 weeks from order placement.